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Star Wars Encyclopedia
Stephen J. Sansweet
America's Library: The Story of the Library of Congress, 1800-2000
James Conaway, Edmund Morris
Anything Goes!: What I've Learned from Pundits, Politicians, and Presidents
Larry King, Pat Piper
The Greatest Circus Stories Ever Told: Amazing Stories of Life Under the Big Top
Stephen Vincent Brennan
Carny Folk: The World's Weirdest Sideshow Acts
Francine Hornberger
A Concise History of Germany
Mary Fulbrook
Complete Idiot's Guide to Nazi Germany
Robert Smith Thompson
Best Little Stories from the White House
C. Brian Kelly
Too Close to the Sun: Growing Up in the Shadow of my Grandparents, Franklin and Eleanor
Curtis Roosevelt
Don't Touch That Dial
J. Fred MacDonald

Malavita: A Novel

Malavita: A Novel - Tonino Benacquista Okay bear with me for a minute because this gets a little complicated. Malavita was originally released in English as Badfellas, (a homage to the main characters love of the movie Goodfellas,) and is now being re-released under its original French name due to a movie version coming out, which is called The Family. The author is Italian-French, and has a British translator which leads to a novel about Americans from New Jersey that doesn’t feel like an accurate portrayal. It feels more like a thoughtful look at a family long away from home with some small stereotypes thrown in. This is pleasant read but is not a typical gangster story. Free review copy.